Help needed: iotlab-m3 accessory quest.

Dear RIOT developers,

I'm desperately searching for plug connectors fitting the "open node connector" on the iotlab-m3. I'd like to improve access to the pins with my measurement equipment. The sources I found so far, only take orders of at least 100 pieces. All I need is just a handful.

Any helpful hints?

thanks in advance Paul

Hi Paul,

as far as I know the solution most other developers used were to just solder cables directly to the plug. But maybe we can find a nicer solution with the help of the IoT-Lab people :D.

Cheers, Martine

Hi all,

Since this board was produced in a fixed quantity (and AFAIK is no more in production) is not likely to find some pieces with this connector so far. So, as Martine said, the most simple solution would be to solder directly some cables, which I know is very ugly. The other solution could be to break an existing open node to take away the female connector.

You can try to contact the HiKOB guys ( who designed the boards and ask if they can send you the connector, in case of they have one.


Hi Andreas,

I asked my colleague and we have no more left here. When looking on Farnell/RadioSpare which sell them by 1-10 if needed, they don't have the 26pins models.

Also he mentioned that the models we used are made to be machine soldered on printed circuit boards. So not easily usable for manual soldering on pin's.

So maybe Martine solution would be easier in this case.

Regards, Gaƫtan - IoT-LAB Team