Help needed for porting to stm32l4

Hi Rioters,

I want to port RIOT to stm32L4discovery device, the cpu is corex_m0 and I think RIOT has implementation for cortex_m0 cpu.

Any suggestion from where I can start?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nazmul, have you seen the Porting Guide [1]? It should provide you with all information you need.

Best Regards, Martine


Hi Martine,

Yes, I checked it out. And according to it, I am missing cpu family (+ board). However there is no specific RIOT requirement mentioned. What I meant is that, the bare minimum for an initial port is not defined.

Any suggestion on it? Regards


Are you porting this board [1], then this CPU family is already supported by RIOT [2] (It’s not M0 but M4). You’ll just have to add the specific ldscript for the CPU (STM32L476VG), see [3] for examples. Finally, you’ll have to add the board specific configuration in the board directory. See [4] for the nucleo-l476 configuration and [5] for other supported discovery boards.

Hope this helps,







Hi Alex,

No, the board is different (L475VG), but you are right, it is based on M4 (I was looking into wrong datasheet and back dated RIOT repo, my bad. After syncing the repo, i saw the cpu stm32l4). Thank you for the reference 3,4 and 5. I think I can play with them to make it work.

Thanks again. Cheers!