Some of you might already have seen, but GitHub and Digitalocean are running the "Hacktoberfest" this month[1]. To participate, one has to fix 4 issues or start/finish 4 pull requests which have to labelled as "Hacktoberfest". If you succeed you get a T-shirt.

I think that it might be a nice thing to improve participation and it might even be good to attract a new developer. So I'd suggest that all incoming pull requests this month and some of the easier issues should be labeled thus.

cheers Mathias

[1]: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/

Hi Mathias, thanks for the hint! In my opinion, why not do it? Any other opinions out there? Shall we just create this label? Cheers Emmanuel


OK, I just created the label. So feel free to use it this month! We’ll delete the label after our next release. Cheers, Emmanuel