Hack'n'ACK tonight

Hello everyone,

Here's the link for the PlaceCam session tonight: http://placecam.de/call.php?c=lmakKMrDG8a35aIBNqLBvOnApExkKFntj9xXawGNgTc-

Cheers, Hauke

Hi there!

I'm trying to join the PlaceCam session but it says that Riot is not online... Is the participation closed?



Hello Francisco,

we have some problems with the hardware (: Should be back online in a jiffy

The PlaceCam session is online again. The link is the same.

Hi, I think we did a great job tonight. We met our target to get under 200 pretty precise. Here’s a little tally:

  • 44 PRs were updated (either discussed, pushed to, merged or closed):
  • 16 PRs were closed (of this 10 were merged)
  • 2 PRs were created

Of course before the Hack’n’ACK people were also busy so that we closed 29 PRs (and merged 21) in the last 24 h.

Thanks to all the reviewers and contributors for all the work.

Cheers, Martine