Hack'N'ACK, January 2016

Hi, just a kind reminder that next week it is Hack’n’ACK time again and (on the time I write this Mail) we have 213 (!) open Pull Requests. I already discussed locally here in Berlin with some colleagues, how we can maybe optimize the Hack’n’ACK to get more Pull Requests merged or closed this time. So here is my idea:

  • Every participant takes 5-10 of the PRs they authored and gets them in a working order with the code base as they see fit (ideally this happens before the Hack’n’ACK)

  • At the Hack’n’ACK they go to the maintainer of the PR (if one is assigned, otherwise a person they see fit) and discuss the PR in person (or via a chat platform of your choice if the person is not in the same room as you ;-)) until it is merged (for most PRs this should take maybe 15 min at maximum).

  • if the maintainer is occupied or not present at the Hack’n’ACK go to the next

  • if no maintainers are available be available for other authors to review their PRs- If you have nothing to do, see if you can review the PR of an absent person

  • If possible: don’t open new PRs during the Hack’n’ACK, unless for the purpose of subdividing an existing PR.

  • As always: try not to be too nitpicky, when reviewing the PRs :wink:

What do you think about these guidelines?

Cheers, Martine

Hello Martine,

I also want to add and stress that we should make proper use of the "Hack'n'ACK Candidate" label in GitHub to find those "5-10" PRs during the Hack'n'ACK.

In general, I also think that there is room for optimization regarding the way we deal with Hack'n'ACKs currently and I like your proposal so far.

Best, Cenk

Hi Cenk,

I also want to add and stress that we should make proper use of the “Hack’n’ACK Candidate” label in GitHub to find those “5-10” PRs during the Hack’n’ACK.

I kind of got the feeling that this label only is applied to PRs that are easy to review. I’m not sure how the usage of this label would make the situation better if everyone nows their PRs.

Just for clarification: those 5-10 PRs should be per person. I’m not expecting all of them to be closed (I hope we get to 5 per author), the rest is buffer in case we do get every one of the first 5 closed.

Cheers, Martine

Hi, Kind reminder to all to use the weekend (or Monday and Tuesday) to prepare the PRs for the Hack’n’ACK.

Cheers, Martine

Hi Martine,

thanks for the reminder!

Cheers, Oleg