Dear rioters,

as discussed recently, we're planning to have a hack-n-ack party on a regular basis. The idea is to meet (physically) to peer-review pull requests and fix open issues on the fly in order to speed up the process of merging.

As a first date for this event I propose to meet this Thursday evening/late afternoon and have some barbecue on the same night. I think meeting at FU Berlin is probably the best choice for a location (since we have the hardware, Internet connectivity, a grill, and some drinks available).

Who would be available at this date?

Cheers, Oleg

Thursday evening/late -> start 18:30?

is probably ok for me.

I hope we have a nice beamer to discuss code/PRs!

Best Christian

Dear rioters,

sounds nice but I´m not in Berlin from Thursday to Sunday.

Good luck


Hello you rocking RIOTers

I'll be there.

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi everyone,

I am also in.

Cheers, Hauke

Sounds good. I'll be there.

I'll be on vacation until August 14th, so I won't be there. Have fun!

Best, Thomas


I am also available for this practical endeavour :slight_smile: I can attend from around 4-5 pm to open-end.

Cheers, Cenk

Hi, since I plan to work that day anyways I’ll be there. Probably from around 10:00 AM and I do not really have an end date since this evening is still free :wink:

Cheers, Martine


Sounds we got at least critical mass for that event. Let's go for it!

Cheers, Oleg