[Gsoc2015] Help needed in getting started


My name is Kushal Singh, I am a BTech student at IIIT-Hyderabad. My primary areas of interests are operating systems , computer organization and architecture. I enjoy kernel development :). I am interested in participating in Google Summer of Code this year and I came across ‘riot-os’ as an organization.

I would like to start actively contributing to riot and so I would be grateful if I could get a few pointers regarding how to get started with the code-base and the reference documents.

Also, I had a look through the ideas page , and I loved this project titled “Project S1: Dynamic linking support for RIOT”. I have all the needed pre-requisites for this project. So I wanted to started working towards this project. I would be thankful if someone could guide me towards a moderate/beginner level bug in this regard so that I could first have some idea about how things work and get started.

Thanks for all your help

Kushal Singh


Hi Kushal,

nice to hear you are interested in RIOT. Welcome!

In our wiki there are several documents that lead you through the first steps. You may want to have a look into the (really) Quick Start Guid in [1] or the Creating your first RIOT project in [2]. When it comes to hardware you can use the Getting Started with STM32 boards in [3] which goes a bit more in detail.� Please follow the procedures described in [4] (and [5]) for RIOT contributions. You can scroll through our issue list in [6] and pick up any issue you feel concerned to. Feel free to open a pull request, discuss on GitHub and write to this mailing list :slight_smile: ! Cheers, Peter [1] [2] [3] |3|4%5Ddiscovery-boards [4] [5] [6]