GSoC'15 project

Hi,           My name is Prudhvee Narasimha. I'm an undergraduate student in National Institute of Technology, India.

           My interest lies in OS and Networking Concepts and their programming in UNIX environment. I have gone through the ideas page of RIOT. The projects "Project N2: Implementation of LwM2M" and "Project N1: Support for Bluetooth Low Energy aka Bluetooth Smart".

Project N1: Support for Bluetooth Low Energy aka Bluetooth Smart

             I'm a learning at work type student. Right now, I am a novice programmer for application level programming. But, I promise to work dedicatedly towards my project with my best. Regarding, Bluetooth Low Energy, I had gone through the web about this and learned somethings about it and I'm interested in working to reduce the power consumption using Bluetooth Smart.

Project N2: Implementation of LwM2M

           I had gone through web about LwM2M, it is Light Weight Member 2 member protocol. liblwm2m is an implementation of the Open Mobile Alliance's LightWeight M2Mprotocol (LWM2M). We can base our work on this or we can code from scratch depending on the seniors decision on optimization or ease.

         I'm willing to work in either of the projects but priorly, Project N2.

         I will be very much thankful and grateful if you would provide me with the necessary resources and information on contributing to these projects.

         As of my experience to RIOT, I'm a novice. I installed RIOT in my UBUNTU 14.04. Completed my first newbie project and hacking the source code.

         Awaiting your response and thanks in advance for reading my mail and helping me.

Thanks, Prudhvee

Hi Prudhvee,

What kind of help do you need?

The specifications of both technologies are open, so you can get familiar with those. The RIOT sources are open and documented as well. The wiki and issue tracker contain information about current work on the network stack (look out for "network stack task force").

Cheers, Ludwig