GSoC: Application for participation


I would like to participate in GSoC at your project (RIOT OS).

Idea: Project N1: Support for Bluetooth Low Energy aka Bluetooth Smart

About me:

  • Student of SPBU (Russia, Saint-Petersburg), Software Engineering

  • Developer with sufficient experience for Project N1

  • Member of project TRIK (Education robots, cybernetical controller)

  • Embedded software developer (MSP430 firmware)

  • Active explorer and tester other software- One of my pet projects was directly related to the topic of your project: Self-developed Network for smart house

  • Based on MSP430 nodes with RF modules (like nrf24l01)

  • Self-developed interaction protocol for nodes

  • Server can control pins at nodes (write/read) (e.g. switch off or check something) via radio- Some other programming experience at IoT and embedded (e.g. Now i am porting embedded os - emboxto MSP430)

I will explain in more detail my experience at "Application process" stage.

Hi Batov,

welcome to RIOT! To get started on the project, I would suggest that you spend some initial thoughts on a high-level architecture for your BLE implementation and share this with the community. This architecture should help you to plan your project and will get you some feedback early on in your application phase.

Let us know if we can help!

Cheers, Hauke