GSOC 2015 Project N2: Implementation of LwM2M

hi all,

I am Vaneet Singh Yadav undergraduate student of IIT Guwahati. I am interested in LwM2M project i have a prior experience of network programming, I implemented Kernel-bypass networking during my internship . This means moving control of Ethernet hardware directly into userspace processes to avoid the overhead of communicating with the operating system kernel. This gives userspace all of the raw performance traditionally enjoyed by the kernel – and all of the responsibility too. This is important for certain specialized applications that can gain as much as 20x more performance.

it would be very helpful to me , if someone can tell me how to start or provide me some resources .

Thank you

Vaneet Singh Yadav

Hi Vaneet,

welcome to RIOT!

To get familiar with RIOT, I would recommend to prepare one or two small pull requests and try to get them merged. Have a look at the contributing and development guidelines in our wiki [1][2]. The easiest to get started is to look at the list of issues labeled with ‘Newbie-Task-Candidate’ and pick one from the list [3]. Also looking around in the code base for missing and/or broken doxygen documentation is a good starter.

Once you have an idea what you get yourself into, you might want to sketch out a project plan and discuss it with people here on the mailing list as a foundation for your application. Especially for the LWM2M topic have also a look at the minutes from our last developer meeting [4] for more details.

Let us know where we can help!

Cheers, Hauke

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