GSOC-2015 Application


I am Shrenik Jain, a second year undergraduate student of Computer Science and Engineering at International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad. I am passionate about Open Source Development especially working with python and C. I also have experience working with git and I aspire to contribute to RIOT as Open source Developer under Google Summer of Code and I am interested in working on the project "Supporting Riot in ns3", since I feel I have the enthusiasm and skills required. I will appreciate any assistance with regards to beginner contribution on this project.

Waiting for a positive and quick response.

Sincerely, Shrenik Jain

Hi Shrenik,

welcome to the RIOT community!

The best way to get started with RIOT is to cruise around our wiki pages [1]. Here you find information on how to contribute [2] and our general development procedures [3]. The best way to start contributing is to look at the list of open issues in RIOT and pick one (or more) that you can fix and pull request. Some issues which we think are pretty straight forward are marked as 'Newbie-Task-Candidate' [4], these might be a good choice to get started. Alternatively it is always a good idea, to browse through the code and look for missing/broken documentation...

Let us know where we can help you further!

Cheers, Hauke

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