Google Summer of Code 2015


I am a Computer Science Engineering undergraduate from University of Moratuwa. I am very interested in IoT related projects and writing low level high performance code with C/C++.

Most interesting idea I found was ‘Support for Bluetooth Low Energy aka Bluetooth Smart’. I think when it comes to IoT wireless transmission is very crucial so I hope to work hard on this project. I have worked with Bluetooth modules with controllers and sure it will give me a good base to start.

As an intern I have experience with writing low level code to be ran on embedded systems for Denso, Japan and I hope use my skills in contributing to RIOT too.

Thank you. Dinal Kurulasooriya, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Hi Dinal,

thanks for your interest and welcome to RIOT! You can start with RIOT by scrolling through the wiki pages and picking up one (or more) issues from the issue tracker [1] which are marked as “Newbie-Task-Candidate”. Also there will be a virtual meeting today @ 14:00 CET. Please follow [2] to see how to participate the call.

Cheers, Peter

[1] [2]