GNRC with sleepy nodes


since the timers you mentioned are dependent on xtimer and since xtimer has some known issues with power management (what those are directly I can’t say due to my own lack of knowledge there, some hardware person on this list might give you more detailed information on that) in the default configuration, sleeping is not currently possible with GNRC on ATSAMR21G18A-based platforms (at least, as I understand it in the default configuration).

Cheers, Martine

What are the xtimer know issues with power management? I did a quick search at opened issues and coudln’t find any directly realted to power management and xtimer. Could anyone expand on this? Thank you. Cheers!


Xtimer is not guaranteed to be based on timers that keep running in low power modes. Therefore sleeping is not supported on most devices.

Issues #7743 and #7332 both discuss the problem.