GNRC is one module now

Dear relentless IOTlers,

Yesterday we finally got rid of the ng_ prefix by moving all GNRC-related modules into the new gnrc module (see PR #3645 [1]). The structure is now as follows:

  • ng_netbase is now the gnrc module (and is not a pseudo-module anymore, but still pulls in the same dependencies)
  • everything that used to be sys/include/net/ng_x.h is now sys/include/net/gnrc/x.h
  • everything that used to be sys/net/x/ng_y is now sys/net/gnrc/x/y, except sys/net/crosslayer/ng_z which is now sys/net/gnrc/z.
  • module that used to be called ng_x are now called gnrc_x
  • Functions and structures not related to GNRC stayed (e.g. UDP/IP-related headers and addressing) in sys/include/net and sys/net/x/ and got the ng_ prefix removed.
  • the paths to GNRC sub-modules was moved from sys/Makefile to sys/net/gnrc/Makefile

Cheers, Martine