Github notifications - Spam or ham?

Dear rioters,

for some weeks I've activated the notifications from Github to be sent to this mailing list. The intentions are twofold: 1.) By default, notifications from Github on issues, commits, pull requests     etc. are only sent to the persons directly involved. Though, in many cases     the event might be interesting for more folks. 2.) For many people it is more convenient to discuss things on a mailing list     than to use a web front end (i.e., Github).

However, these notifications clearly increase the amount of traffic on this mailing list and I'm not sure if everybody appreciates that.

What's your opinion? Does the increased amount of traffic bother you or do you like the additional information and discussion platform?

Cheers, Oleg


I'm receiving each message twice, so I think it's not helpful. If you are interested in developing riot, you have to subscribe to the github feed (watch repo) and subscribe the mailing list...imho On github one can configure the notification level for each repo for each user, so it's better than a global "turning github notification on (on ml)" or "turning it off".

I think we are working on a github-driven-project, so lets use the features :slight_smile:

Cheers, Christian