Github Issue

Hi Everyone,

I have a small issue with github and need some help. I would like to create a PR, that depends on another PR of mine.

The currently existing PR (#6541) is not merged jet, the new PR is a branch based on the branch in #6541. If I try to open a new PR, the PR contains all commits from the new branch and those of #6541.

This is what I don't want. I have seem before that commiters have based a new PR on a existing PR without the commits of the base PR in the new PR.

How do I do that? Googling didn't help much.

Cheers Simon


Of your base bench (6541) contains content your work branch depends, on there is no way open a PR against master without including that content. What you could do is open a PR of your work branch against your base branch and rebase on master once the base branch is merged.

Cheers, Ludwig