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Hey everyone,

You may have noticed my smiling face on the RIOT Summit speaker web page, but didn't see me at the event. I was unable to attend, so to make amends I have posted on YouTube a video of the content for my presentation on gcoap [1]. The video includes a demo of sensor data collection using the Observe extension.


[1] https://youtu.be/CHJdcC_lhfs

Hello Ken, Thank you for taking the time to make this presentation. I thought it was a nice presentation, and it’s nice to see an application demo. You have a good voice for narrating; articulate and easy to hear. Could you repost here the links to the presentation slides and the other links that were in the video? I didn’t catch what you are running on the PC side for the registration and subscription, was it using aiocoap? Do you have a public repository for your demo application code? I think it would be a nice addition to have a gcoap+saul demo application that makes all saul devices available as coap resources, kind of like a coap version of the saul shell command in examples/default in the master repo. It would be a very convenient way of showcasing RIOT to potential users.

Best regards, Joakim

Joakim, glad to hear you liked the presentation. Links below.

See the link to “Data collection app” for the RIOT side of the demo code. Hat tip to Koen Zandberg for his PR for the JC42.4 temperature sensors. See the link to “Data collection server” for the server side of the demo code. I actually use my soscoap library for server side CoAP. It looks like aiocoap is a much better choice.

The gcoap+saul demo sounds like a great idea! As a first step, it would be worthwhile to explore the thought to see if there are any missing pieces or limitations.



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