flash command without compiling

Dear RIOTers,

I noticed the ‘make flash’ recompiles everything before flashing. What’s the reason behind this?

I’m working with some packages that require some time to configure/compile, and everytime I run ‘flash’ I have to wait the whole process to finish. I cannot even flash 2 boards at the same time because the compile process is concurrent.

As always, any ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:



In general this should not be the case. I'd imagine one of the packages messes up the build system's dependencies. Hard to say without seeing the project.

Cheers, Ludwig




I remember that (years ago) I thought that this would be a bad idea, but got overruled.

Probably the newbie friendlyness is to be blamed...

Anyhow, I have a branch for on-hardware CI testing, where I've added another flash target that doesn't have the dependency. Find the commit here [1].


[1] https://github.com/kaspar030/RIOT/commit/c183d152bf36a1e4f2d6ac3ea3b172047dd43eee