file system support feature


Does RIOT has file system now ? I checked the code , but did not find . so is it support in future?


Best Regards. Edwin Liu

Hi Edwin,

we do not really have file-system support at the moment. There is a very rudimentary driver for writing to SD-Cards, that is only the foundation for a FS to be put on top. We plan however to include (at least) one FS, but the work on that is going slow at the moment. So if you have a good idea and/or are willing to do something in that direction, it would be highly appreciated!

Cheers, Hauke

Hi Hauke Great , my team will try to integrate RIOT with our own board , once succeed integrated , we will begin custom file system feature , and then push to the community.

Thanks. Edwin Liu

Hi Edwin,

I just learned, that we had support for the FatFS filesystem in the Feuerware Kernel (a predecessor of RIOT) [1][2]. Maybe that would be a good starting point for you?!

Cheers, Hauke

[1] [2]

Hi Edwin, out of curiosity: what board are you working on? Best, Emmanuel

Hi Hauke Great , for FatFS , if it work with RIOT , maybe you can submit a request to community first, currently our team does not do many research with file system , but in future we want to find a better FS , as that we need better speed for processing file, so I think by now your work is great!!

Hi Emmanuel

Our team is using a NXP LPC 1850 board.


Edwin Liu

wow - Impressive !

I think if you can get that module integrated in some way with Riot it would mean that you suddenly have a 'real' operating system. ie something that would be useable in the commercial world.

The main application is somewhat unexciting but still useful, data-logging.

Being able to datalog sensor values when there is no connection is something that a log of people might find important.

Bump up the networking, and the completion of Riot becomes visible on the horizon.


btw, I just found that also supports FatFS.

Minini is a minimalist .ini file reader/writer. Often small programs are going to want to store values in configuration.

If combined with Riot, if a user was using these libraries, then they would have cross compatable way in C/C++ of doing some basic things.



Hi all,

Here's my idea's for a new simplified Network Driver for Riot