Ethernet communication initialization.

Hi all,

Please clarify how enc28j60 driver starts to communicate with connected device. Specifically how the MAC address of connected device (Linux PC) is known to the mote. I am using OpenBase with cc2358.



Hi Subhasis,

Hi Martine,

When I try to run with module enc28j60 driever and cc2538_rf drivers, only wired interface is detected on ifconfig. Can you specify why is that happening.

Thanks, Subhasis

Hi Subhasis,

Hi Kaspar,

Worked like a charm. Thanks for the help. By the way how the flag is used. I mean to ask where the flag will be used? I can’t find the use of the value of DGNRC_NETIF_NUMOF in any file.

Regards, Subhasis

Hi Subhasis,


I have ensured that the SPI communication is working properly between my board (Openmote-cc2538) and ENC28J60.

Still the MAC address is showing 00:00:00:00:00:00. I am trying figure out what’s the problem. Any idea what is going wrong?

Regards, Subhasis