ESP32: gnrc_netif possibly lost interrupt

I am not sure what this is about. Did you experience the same on the ESP32? I get a lot of these messages in the shell: 2021-03-02 13:01:15,775 # gnrc_netif: possibly lost interrupt.. I let the devices running last night with WoT on it. After the night I wasn’t able to access them anymore. But that could also be an issue with the WoT implementation. So, I took an ESP32 aside to see, if that also happens when there are no requests for the device.

Hi @citruillin,

This happens when the GNRC Netif msg queue gets full and the ISR tries to queue a message. Since the message cannot be delivered, this is printed. In most cases this leaves the radio in an undefined state, so this could explain why your device is not responsive.

The solution is to use the gnrc_netif_events module (USEMODULE=gnrc_netif_events make ...). This uses thread flags internally to offload ISR. This means the “offload” instruction won’t be lost.

I still think that gnrc_netif_events should be enabled by default. Maybe we should do it (although this might change soon when @maribu’s GNRC Netif work to use confirm_send is merged).

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