Cheking environment variables

How can I check the values of setting system variables in RIOT OS ? And how can I add nuew values?

Hi @bruzzeseroberto, if by environment variables you mean build-system environment variables (so make related variables), then you can use make -C <some-application-directory> info-debug-variable-<name-of-the-variable>. For how to add more variables it depends on what you want to do to know where it should be done, can you give more context on what you want to do.

If I misunderstood your question maybe some more context would help me to answer better. Cheers

No . I did not explain well my questions. The ststem variables settings of Riot OS. The varibale you can know by the command “env” . For example the CPATH . I would set CPATH to a given path.

Then the same answer is still valid, since all exported environment variables are passed to Make, e.g.:

$ make -C examples/hello-world/ info-debug-variable-SHELL