Following up with Baptiste question. Has anyone integrated other testing tools into RIOT like Unity?. And how easily (or not) could this integration be achieved, how much tinkering with the actual build system would have to be done for this? Cheers!


Hi Francisco,

as far as I know Cenk looked into that a few months back. I don’t know however what came out of that?

Cheers, Martine

Some time ago I managed to write some tests with Unity.

It is not difficult to integrate into RIOT build system.

As prerequisite you need ruby (sudo apt install ruby) and Unity installed somewhere (/opt/Unity-master)

My opinionated recipe was to create the module libunity (and libcmock):


├── libunity │ ├── Makefile │ └── unity.c

── libcmock │ ├── cmock.c │ ├── cmock.h │ ├── cmock_internals.h │ └── Makefile

and to use a tests/Makefile.include like this for auto generating the main test file:


BOARD ?= cc3200-launchxl BURBA ?= $(CURDIR)/…/… RIOTBASE ?= $(BURBA)/RIOT

UNITY_ROOT ?= /opt/Unity-master

QUIET ?= 1

INCLUDES += -I$(CURDIR)/…/…/sys/mqtt -I$(BURBA)/sys/protobuf-c

USEMODULE += libunity USEMODULE += libcmock

all: auto_main.c

full-clean: clean @rm -rf main.c

auto_main.c: test_cases.c ruby $(UNITY_ROOT)/auto/generate_test_runner.rb $? $@

include $(BURBA)/Makefile.include

I have adjusted my old code to the current Unity version (NOTE: libcmock module is not updated!), see:


Greetings Attilio