CCN-lite issue

Hi all, i am a developer from China, and i read that CCN-lite is ported on RIOT, and many cpu arch and board supported by RIOT. So i wanna ask which board platform has a good support by RIOT? and can run CCN-lite stack on RIOT? as far as i realize, i guess Arduino Dueis a good one? And i read a paper which using MSBA2 board to run CCN-lite on RIOT, but there are few info. about this borad on internet, i guess this board is designed by Freie Universitat Berlin?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards Sichen Zhao

Hi Sichen!

I have experience in using CCN-lite with the boards: samr21-xpro [1] and phyNode [2] and it works quite well there. I've never tried it with an MSBA2.

In general however, every board with enough memory (say, >= 32kB RAM) should be fine. If you decide for a board without a (IEEE 802.15.4) transceiver, then you can also attach an SPI-based transceiver module like an openlabs [3] or an mrf24j40 [4]. So an Arduino Due attached with one of these transceivers might probably work. I have no experience with that board, though.

Cheers, Cenk

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