C++11 Support in RIOT


I'm wondering what the current status of the C++11 support in RIOT is? Is there a matrix like overview [1] available? I'm particularly interested in std::shared_ptr and std::thread support in RIOT. I would also be happy if somebody could share his/her thoughts on implementing C++11 features for a libstdc++/libc++ for RIOT.

TIA! Best,   Michael

[1] https://gcc.gnu.org/projects/cxx0x.html

Hi Michael,

we have no feature matrix (yet) for C++11 features, as they are all in development status.

Currently @josephnoir is in the process to provide a bunch of C++11 features to RIOT [1]: Beside other C++11 features `std::thread` [2] is available.

Maybe @josephnoir can give more details on the available features.

Best regards, Martin

[1] https://github.com/josephnoir/RIOT/tree/topic/caf [2] https://github.com/josephnoir/RIOT/tree/topic/caf/tests/std_thread_like


the features that simply depend on the compiler, such as auto or lambdas, do work with a suitable compiler, e.g. the gcc-none-eabi from launchpad [1]. The header only part of chrono does work too. As Martin mentioned I am working on thread, mutex and condition variable. My current implementation is base on the RIOT threads and co. It does not support the full API, but you can find all necessary file here [2] with a small example.

It is not part of RIOT for now.


[1] https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded [2] https://github.com/josephnoir/RIOT/tree/topic/vtimer/tests/cpp_timer