Border Router: global scope multicast


I encounter some problems when I use samr21-xpro as the border router. I ran the example as “readme” said.

there is a interface tap0 in linux, which connects to the interface 7(wired) of the border router. There is another interface 6 of border router which is wireless. I also have another samr21-xpro which runs the gnrc_networking.

so, here, I use: A stands for tap0 B stands for interface 7 of border router C stands for interface 6 of border router D stands for samr21-xpro which runs the gnrc_netwroking

If I am right, I think A and B belong to the same local network, C and D belong to the another local network. I can ping6 A and B with local address and local multicase ff02::1, but I can only ping6 C and D by global address with 2001:db8::…

Then my question is how to use ff0e::1? it’s global scope multicast address. so I should be able to ping6 C and D by ff0e::1, right?

I have added ff0e::1 to C and D, but not for B. then I ping6 ff0e::1 from Linux, I got reply, but it’s from B. it’s weird.

what I want is to use ff0e::1, and I can get reply from D.

Thanks advance for your help~!