BLE stack gsoc

Hi Ludwig , I wanted to know if GAP and GATT protocols are already implemented in RIOT ? Or if I have to implement can you suggest a way to do it ? Like I don’t know how to go about coding it ? Also the link layer and physical layer will already be there in the BLE hardware right ? So I have to implement HCI as well ? I also needed suggestions on how to proceed for implementing this as well. Sorry for asking too many questions , I am still a novice in kernel development , Thanks in advance

Regards Kausthub Naarayan

Hi Kausthub,

so far we no parts of the BLE stack are implemented in RIOT, so neither GAP, GATT, nor the link layers are implemented. For the project you have to basically start from scratch. The only thing that is already implemented, is the platform support for the suggested Nordic NRF51822 hardware platform as well as a rudimentary radio driver for the SoCs radio.

The starting point for this project is clearly the development of a software architecture. As a first step, you should provide a list of modules that are needed with a high-level view on proposed interfaces between these. Also some sequences that illustrate the dataflow through these modules would be very helpful to get you a feeling for the upcoming implementation. Please don't hesitate to share your (early) designs with the community, so we can help you!

Cheers, Hauke