BLE project N2

hi all ,

the BLE stack needs to be developed first on nrf52822 ? and is it possible to develop all these within 2 months ? And how do we go about giving deliverables for this project proposal ?

Sorry if this is a trivial question , i am new to gsoc procedure

thanks in advance

Hi Kausthub,

with a clean hardware abstraction the BLE implementation should be mostly independent of hardware. For the small hardware dependent part we propose the NRF51822 SoC (as it is broadly available and cheap), that is correct. But as a basic driver for the SoC’s radio is already available, we sure think that the implementation is doable in the given timeframe.

There is no general answer regarding the deliverables: they depend on your proposed architecture and timetable. In the beginning of the project we will plan with you, which milestones are realistic and plan the deliverables on top of these.

Cheers, Hauke

I am almost certainly planning on using the Wakaama project(formerly liblwM2M) for this project. A possibly silly question but, would a final port of this implementation look similar to the various ports under RIOT/pkg/ or is it more involved than that? I am just trying to get a picture of what the final project would look like so I can better form a clear timeline. Thanks!


Hi David,

when using Wakaama (which is certainly an option), the way would be to include it in RIOT as a package and include some Makefiles that are able to download/checkout the library and build it into RIOT. When choosing this path, one important thing is to think of a concept for continuous integration, so that the Makefiles and patches can be adjusted to changes of the Wakaama implementation in an easy way.

Cheers, Hauke

The way I envision it is as a starting point for RIOT, a base. Once the project is integrated, then we can make changes to it as we see fit. Is that an accurate picture or is it more a case of utilizing the project and handling changes to that project that affect RIOT as they occur on Wakaama independently through patches? Perhaps some combination of those?