Auto-configure interface on RIOT - SAMR21-xpro

Hi all, i’m wondering how i could define an auto-configuration for the 802.15.4 interface (on boot) for my “microcoap_server” example. At now i’m using this configuration (set up by shell)

// Channel ifconfig 6 set channel 12

// Global IPv6 ifconfig 6 add my_address

// Route

fibroute 6 add :: via

I would like to execute these commands automatically.

Thanks all,

Hi Alessandro, have you assigned a global unicast address to the 6LoWPAN interface on the Raspberry Pi and started the radvd demon normally it should (but maybe Alex Aring can confirm that) it should than start to provide the prefix in the LoWPAN via stateless address auto-configuration. Ideally the default route should be set in the same step (though it would not be shown in the FIB, since this is done via the neighbor discovery and its neighbor cache). Alternatively use another 802.15.4 node with examples/gnrc_border_router as the border router, there it should definitely work, especially if you activate RPL (`rpl init <if>` on both node and border router and `rpl root <GUA of 6LoWPAN interface>` on router).

Cheers, Martine