Aspiring GSoC Participant


I am Shubham Chhabra, junior year undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIIT-Hyderabad, India.My areas of interest are Embedded Devices and Communication Networks. I am interested to work on one of the projects, particularly listed under System Category of ideas page.

So far, I have read the following documents given in RIOT-wiki:

I have also successfully compiled my first RIOT project as mentioned in the Quick Start Guide. To get familiar with RIOT, I have started looking into the issues list.With the above things under consideration, I kindly request you all to give suggestions and guide towards beginner level bugs to get started.

Thanks, Shubham Chhabra

Hi Shubham,

for instruction as aspiring GSOC student, please look at Concerning newbie issues, the suggestion is to first look at issues labeled “Newbie-Task-Candidate” in