ADC, I2C and SPI

Hi all, I'm working on the subjects above, as soon as possible i would like to create a quick start tutorial on the RIOT wiki. If someone is interested he could find it there.

Best regards, Alessandro

Hello everybody, I'm working at the moment with the gnrc_networking example and even if I do nothing I get cyclic transmit interrupts. For my understanding - if I use a configuration with no acknowledgement and no retries there should be no transfer activity at all. Is this correct?

Best regards, Neo

Hi Neo,

there might be ICMPv6 related packets that were sent from the IP-layer. Also these packets will cause a TX interrupt in the driver (if enabled). This should be independent from the ACK configuration of the radio. Is is possible you meant that?

Did you already upload your code somewhere?

Best regards Peter

Hi Peter, yes, I think that's it. I think it is possible to deactivate ICMP in the Makefile....

Best regards, Neo

Hi Neo!