Accelerometer on stm32f4-discovery


I am currently looking into reading data from the accelerometer LIS3DSH which is on the board stm32f4-discovery. Since it is such a popular board I was hoping someone else had done this already in RIOT but as far as I can see the “closest” driver is LIS3DH, which is not directly compatible. So my question is: Does anyone have experience with this accelerometer and this board? Did you use the LIS3DH driver which is in RIOT or how did you go about it?

Any hints/pointers/ideas are appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Joakim Borgh

Hi Joakim,

as it seems no one used the this sensor on the stm32f4discovery so far, even if it actually is a popular platform imo. The LIS3DH has been used on the mulle board or via external connections. I don't know about the differences of both sensors, but I assume the driver needs to be adapted. If you have any particular questions about that, just ask!

Best regards Peter