About CC3200 RF support in RIOT OS

I am Ameya.
I want to use CC3200 with RIOT OS but not only for Flashing purpose.
I want CC3200 to connect to the Access Point using RIOT OS & I don't want to use any IDE like Code Composer Studio. 
Is there support for CC3200 RF drivers in RIOT ? If not, how to port RF drivers for CC3200 in RIOT so that it Should Connect to the Access point.?

Hy Ameya,

nice to meet you

You need to write an OS adaptation layer for cc3200 simple link driver if you want use wifi.

Some time ago I wrote a preliminary adaptation layer but I did not share publicly.

Please let me understand if I can share something useful, I’m thinking about creating a github project with the sw for cc3200.

greetings Attilio

Hi Attilio,

That’s Great…!!

An OS adaptation layer for CC3200 simple link driver which you have written, is it working properly?

If you have created a github project with the same, can you share me the link?

Hi Ameya and Adarsh,

I’ve just published the NAIS project:


Look the burba dir for the cc3200 launchpad support for RIOT:

inside burba/apps/tcp-simple-client there is a minimal demo example.

A lot of work has to be done, but I hope this is enough to get started.

Greetings Attilio