Hi I am new to RIOT.

                 I have two SAMR21-XPRO Devices.I am using RIOT OS to communicate between two board.I tried RPL Routing for mesh network.I set up one device is parent and another is child by RPL networking.I tried this link to set up RPL (https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Tutorial%3A-RIOT-and- Multi-Hop-Routing-with-RPL).As per the above link all are working fine for me. My question is i want to communicate my parent node to wifi or ethernet based devices.For that which device i can use.I think boarder router is used to convert ipv6 to ipv4 or vice versa.So for boarder router which device shall i use to communicate with samr21. I am confusing over this.Please help me to find out the right solution. Thanks in advance.

With Regards, R.Giritharan

Hi, You can : 1)add an ethernet shield to the parent samr21 2)Add a record to your computer connected to your parent samr21 to route traffic between your riot network anf the external world 3) use an 802.15.4 compatible adapter to your computer and do the(2)